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NEVIA's box (6 bottles)

The name of this Abruzzo DOC Pecorino, Nevia, is a tribute to the Gens Naevia, a patrician family who lived in ancient Hadria and in which the grandchildren of the great imperial age wanted to erect a monument in memory of their ancestors, P. Nevio and P. Nevio Severo. Pecorino d’Abruzzo is an Italian white wine that has almost disappeared over the years, but which today has become one of the most famous Italian white wines abroad, thanks to the passion of the winemakers of central Italy. The name Pecorino probably derives from the shape of its cluster, which resembles the head of a sheep.

VARIETY: Pecorino
ALCOHOL: 12.5 % vol.
HARVEST: manual, end of September
COLOR: pale yellow with golden notes
BOUQUET: intense, captivating, balsamic hints and notes of white and yellow fruit
TASTE: dry, pleasant, consistent with long persistence
PAIRING: first courses with truffles or mushrooms, white meats, fresh cheeses, legume soups, risottos, fish dishes.


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