Discover the History-Inspired Wines of Vinum Hadrianum

There’s only one thing more difficult than producing world-class wine. It’s getting that expertly-crafted cuvée in the hands of wine enthusiasts. Take a moment to consider the extraordinary competition that winemakers face. First, thousands of distinctly  varietals are produced yearly. Best estimates put that number in the neighborhood of 10,000, and some experts believe that number may be grossly understated. Hence, when you consider that wine bars, restaurants, and other retailers have a finite amount of storage, shelf space, and wine list pages available, it’s no wonder that consumers see the same tried and true wine brands every year, everywhere they go.

But there’s more to the wine distribution dilemma. It’s the absence of tasting opportunities. In the grand scheme of things, wine drinkers are primarily unable to ”try before they buy.” Should you decide to throw down $30, $40, $50, or even $100 or more on a wine you hope will float your boat, far too often, that seductive packaging will fail to deliver the experience it promises. Of course, many consumers will tell you that they love to experiment. They love discoveries. But, in truth, the American wine-drinking comfort zone consists of only 8 or 9 varietals. If you visit the big European wine producing countries like Italy, France, and Spain—you'll discover countless varietals you’ve never heard of. And even if you have, there's a good chance you've had little or no experience with them. Vinum HadrianIum is changing that dynamic.

Vinum Hadrianum specializes in producing history-inspired wines; Each is made using tools and techniques developed more than 2000 years ago, at the height of the Roman empire. Every wine is aged and stored in terracotta amphoras, crafted from the region's clay soil, where the grapes are grown. This gives each wine a distinctive flavor profile not found in any other wine on the market today

. For wine enthusiasts eager to expand their knowledge and palate, there is no better place to look than Vinum Hadrianum, located in the ancient village of Atri. There you will find a wide variety of Italian varietals, many of which are the pride of the legendary Abruzzo region.

Vinum Hadrianum produces red, white, and blush wines. It is probably more accurate to describe the white wines as Amber because the intensity of their flavor profile and hue is more vibrant and captivating, than the washed-out wines of today which has become the norm. Accordingly, we call our series of white wines “Drops of Amber.” You can read more about these very unconventional wines under separate cover.

What makes Vinum Hadrianum wines unique is the way they are made and the history behind them. This winemaking style was perfected when the Roman Empire was at its peak. The techniques used to make those wines have been passed down through the generations and perfected over time. Unfortunately, the number of winemakers using these techniques worldwide has become relatively small as more modern and cost-efficient methods increasingly dominate the industry. It’s something the world has had to cope with for centuries… Improving things to the point that they are no longer recognizable and not nearly as enticing.