Experience Vinum Hadrianum

We are pleased to introduce our remarkable ensemble of wines which have taken more than 2000 years to perfect.

Great accomplishments require patience.

The wines of Vinum Hadrianum are a labor of love that have required the combined efforts of historians, archeologists, viticulturists and a host of other experts. A detailed examination of historical winemaking tools and methods has revealed beyond
a shadow of a doubt that certain ancient winemaking techniques were, in fact, the key to making wines of extraordinary distinction. By marrying ancient techniques and tools with thousands of years of accumulated knowledge, we believe that the wines of Vinum Hadrianum offer the perfect blend of historical and contemporary excellence. We are pleased to invite you to experience this magical union of old and new for yourself!

Our Greatest Wines

We are proud to produce now exquisite wines under the Vinum Hadrianum... 

Because Vinum Hadrianum wines are made using the same tools and techniques developed during the height of the Roman Empire, they are nothing short of timeless. The process begins with hand-picking grapes grown on terrain that is nearly impossible to access. It’s quite a challenge, but then, isn’t anything genuinely worthwhile?

Enjoy Vinum Hadrianum wines and transport yourself back in time! These elegant wines are made using
history-inspired methods and the Abruzzo region’s finest grapes. When you drink Vinum Hadrianum wine, time stands still.

Roman Empire Days