The Location

The Atri commune sits in the heart of Abruzzo not far from the coast where Italy meets the Adriatic Sea. It is a countryside of supreme beauty whose striking lands features are called calanchi. These stark white eroded hillsides mark the region as one of the wildest, most untamed parts of Italy. The Calanchi di Atri is a protected area with incredible biodiversity with many types of wildlife from porcupines and badgers to owls, hawks, wild boars, and the Italian wolf. In this challenging land we make our wine, inspired by the ancient tradition.

The nature of the climate, soil, and topography around Atri allows us to produce organic wines free from any chemical treatments, but also requires us to work hard. The terrain of the calanchi does not allow for mechanization in the vineyard. We must do everything by hand. As a result, we create a mere few thousand bottles a year, making our wines a truly special artisan product. Our vineyards are surrounded by wild liquorice plants, which perfume the air and lend a subtle flavour to the wines produced here.

Unlike other vineyards, we do not need to irrigate. Coastal influences from the Adriatic Sea bring occasional rainstorms which nourish our vines. The clay soils drain well, allowing our vines to dig deep into the earth. The land does the job for us, and we take care of it with passion and commitment.