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February 05, 2020


Amber or orange wines are made from white grapes but because of the time they spend in contact with their skins, these wines have tannins. This makes amber wines more versatile than many standard white table wines you might be familiar with. Amber wines are dry yet often have rich aromas of hazelnut, orange zest, yellow apples, honey, and a savoury character. Thanks to the tannins, amber wine may even be paired with red meat. Enjoy a glass of amber wine with flavourful, well-seasoned spiced lamb, a choice cut of steak, fatty fishes, and hard cheese. The complex profile of an amber wine can also complement dishes made with exotic spices such as saffron, cinnamon, and cardamom, making it wonderful with Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine, as well as the local foods of Southern Italy.

For red amphorae wines, expect generous dried plum, fig, and berry aromas and flavours. Like amber wines, a red wine made in amphorae will have strong tannins ideal for rich meat dishes like a beef or pork ragù. These wines make compelling pairings for roast pork, duck, venison, and beef. If your dish features a bold sauce whether it be a hoisin sauce, Thai curries, or anything liberally seasoned with spices, you will not go wrong with a red amphora-made wine. A red amphora wine is beautiful with beef lasagne, porchetta, and mutton as well. 

Wines produced and aged in amphorae are extremely versatile with food, making them an excellent wine for you to keep stowed away in your cellar. They’re capable of ageing for many years, making them a real treat for the patient collector.