Weinfreaks.de Featured Vinum Hadrianum for the first time

Weinfreaks.de Featured Vinum Hadrianum for the first time

It was once his grandfather who aroused Piero Pavone’s  fascination with Roman history. In Pavone’s hometown, the small town of Atri at the foot of the Abruzzo, the ancient Hadria, this story is omnipresent and alive to this day. Many of the buildings in the historic city center stand on the ruins of ancient Rome.

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With their method based on years of experience, in which they often combine several types of tasting, weinfreaks.de is a real alternative to the mainstream wine journalism.

Weinfreaks.de didn't just talk about the resurrection of Vinum Hadrianum, the wine from the Roman times, but also mentioned a full-detailed review about Maximo 2018 and Aelio 2019 with an outstanding rating. Click here to read more from its blog or its Facebook account.

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