michaelmagwein's Review Of The Vinum Hadrianum Maximo 2018

michaelmagwein's Review Of The Vinum Hadrianum Maximo 2018

Ave Caesar!

Now you might think: “Michael is crazy now!” But which greeting would go better with our wine today, the Vinum Hadrianum Maximo from the city of Atri in Italy, which was called Hadria at the time of the Caesars? How I told you when I started the VINUM HADRIANUM projecthad presented, told, Piero Pavone is pursuing an ambitious and - in my opinion - impressive goal: He wants to resurrect the Vinum Hadrianum, famous throughout the ancient world. Just as the Romans made it: no modern mechanization, no wooden barrel, no chemicals, no artificial fertilizers and, in the future, fermentation and storage in clay amphoras made by hand at Atri, which is mined near Atri.

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Visit michaelmagwein's article here to read a full detailed review about Vinum Hadrianum Maximo 2018 and discover how this very dark red wine smells and tastes like. You may also want to check his tweeted post about the wine here.

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