Founder Piero Pavone Leads a Wine Making Renaissance

In the leading ranks of this renaissance, you will find Piero Pavone, a deeply enthusiastic preservationist and founder of Vinum Hadrianum, a historically-inspired winemaking enterprise determined to reintroduce many ancient winemaking techniques and tools to today’s modern winemaking community.

Piero’s die-hard commitment to resurrecting the winemaking know-how of days gone by has earned him a great deal of recognition and respect from wine enthusiasts and producers around the globe. Vinum Hadrianum’s winemaking practices and techniques consider everything from archeology to ancient history. That is because the winemaking world is just now beginning to realize that many of these long abandoned practices can and should play a prominent role in how today’s wines are produced.

Vinum Hadrianum’s winemaking team has paired the historical tools and techniques referenced above with highly evolved growing, fermentation, and stabilization practices to produce wines that reflect more than 2000 years of experimentation, innovation, and production. In short, the best of the old and the new.

Piero was born and raised in Atri. He now lives in Pescara, where he got his education at the University of Pescara. In addition to Vinum Hadrianum, Piero is Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder and the driving force behind an advertising tech company working with digital ad space. Piero has extensive experience as a software programmer with a critical interest in new technical tracking systems. With never-ending curiosity, he leads innovation across all of
his company’s business operations with a vision and strategy that allows it to maintain its competitiveness in the marketplace. In 2017 he founded Hadrianum with the dream of promoting the territory and relaunching the local economy by enhancing local culture and traditions.

Piero is also passionate about history and eco gastronomy. To ensure the absolute highest level of authenticity, Piero has enlisted the help of archeologists, historians, viticulturists, and more to ensure that Vinum Hadrianum delivers nothing less than an accurate interpretation of ancient Roman wines.

And there’s more good news.

Because grape growers have fine-tuned their craft by leaps and bounds over the centuries, higher quality fruit and historic winemaking techniques have been united in yielding world- class wines that are both unique and difficult to resist. Only in the past couple of months have these
wines been evaluated by New World experts, and, universally, the reviews are nothing short of exemplary, mainly because only a couple of vintages have been bottled to date.